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Fast turn around time and on site visits Mold Testing Texas Licensed Mold Lab Air quality analysis

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Services (via mail or courier)

  • Mold identification and quantification (counts)
  • Non-viable mold samples only
  • Air-O-Cell, Micro-5, Tape lift, Swab, etc.
  • No culturable mold samples accepted
  • Identification of mold spores to genus or species
  • Indoor air quality, particulates, mold spore and pollen counts
  • Outdoor airborne particle counts (pollen, fungi, etc.)
  • Call for rates and turn-around time before shipping samples

Local services (DFW-North Texas area):
  • Fast turn-around time and on-site visits in DFW Metroplex
  • Indoor air quality (particulate, mold, pollen) - Dallas, TX area only
  • Outdoor air testing (particulate, mold, pollen) - Dallas, TX area only
  • Outdoor airborne particle counts (pollen, mold, fungi, etc.)

Fast turn-around time:
  • Get results when you need them; rates and turn-around time are negotiable
  • Next day results available (rush)
  • Results usually within a few days of receiving samples

  • Texas Department of State Health Services Lab License number: LAB0150
  • PhD studying morphology and distribution of fungi, pollen, spores, & algae
  • Post-doc studying environmental significance of algae, fungi, and pollen
  • 20 year work history utilizing distribution of fungal spores, pollen, algae, etc.
  • McCrone Indoor Air Quality course on fungal spore and house dust identification
  • Mold, Mildew and Sick Building Issues Seminar, Texas Bar CLE
  • Morphology, taxonomy, classification ... of fungal palynomorphs, AASP Short Course

  • Digital image reference database of fungal and mold spores
  • Custom mold counting software
  • Comprehensive in-house reference library for mold, fungi, pollen, algae and protists
  • McCrone Particle Atlas
  • Research grade microscopes used for analysis
  • Digital microscopy imaging available

  • Strict confidentiality. 
  • Results are communicated to client or approved representative, only!


Mold Identification L.L.C.
a Texas State Licensed Mold Lab

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We welcome overflow work and sub-contracts 
from other mold labs and environmental testing companies.
Discounted rates available on a volume basis.

New: Mold counting software available!

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